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The last company I had out only wanted to sell me a new system, will Capital be different?

Our technicians do not have sales or volume quotas. There is absolutely no high pressure with our company. We will offer our recommendation but it is your choice if you want to repair or replace your old system. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

I think my current A/C system is too small, can't I just install a larger one?

We can definitely install a larger system if needed. Once we measure your home and perform a manual J load calculation we can determine if a larger system is required. It is fairly common the existing A/C is large enough but not operating at full capacity. The problem could be with the original installation like an undersized duct system, air leaks or several other possibilities. Once we thoroughly evaluate your home we can make the right recommendation.

How long will it take to repair my system?

In most cases we will be there the same day you call us. Our vans are fully stocked with the most common parts so we do not have to order or leave to get what is needed.

I'm not sure what type system I have, do you only service one particular brand?

We are a Trane comfort specialist dealer but we can service any brand. Even if your existing system is under a different manufacturer's warranty we can take care of it.

Why should we purchase a generator from Capital Heating & Cooling?

Since our beginning in 1995, generators have always been a part of our business plan, we just did not know how popular they would become. We now have a dedicated service department for our generator customers. We have approximately 2,500 generator installs and maintain many more so it isn't just some small part of what we do. We have been a factory certified Generac dealer for over 20 years.

Why choose Capital?

We believe that our company offers the best value in our industry. We put all of our resources in keeping the best employees and offering the best products available. Other than our website we do not advertise so there isn't a huge advertising budget to account for. You will not see us on television or hear us on the radio but we are always welcoming new customers through the good old fashioned referral system.